ICARM 2018 presents the following awards to honor researchers with outstanding contributions within the scopes of the conference.

  • Best Conference Paper Award
  • Authors: Oscar De La Cruz, Florian Gosselin, Wael Bachta and Guillaume Morel
    Title: Contributions to the Design of a 6 DoF Contactless Sensor Intended for Intermittent Contact Haptic Interfaces.

  • Toshio Fukuda Best Paper Award in Mechatronics
  • Authors: An Mo, Hong Fu, Chao Luo and Wenzeng Zhang
    Title: Concentric Rotation Pin Array Gripper for Universal Grasp.

  • Best Paper Award in Advanced Robotics
  • Authors: Bin Zhang, Weiwei Shang and Shuang Cong
    Title: Optimal RRT* Planning and Synchronous Control of Cable-Driven-Parallel Robots.

  • Best Student Paper Award(1)
  • Authors: Haifeng Huang, Wei He, Shuang Zhang and Weicun Zhang
    Title: Fault-Tolerant Control against Performance Degradation of Actuators for a Robotic System with Guaranteed Prescribed Performance.

  • Best Student Paper Award(2)
  • Authors: Yaru Zhao, Zhibin Song, Tianyu Ma and Jian S. Dai
    Title: Design of an Auto-Tuning Feedback Controller Based on the Stiffness of Nonlinear Stiffness Actuators.

  • Best Student Paper Award(3)
  • Authors: Xiuquan Liang, Huan Zhao, Xiangfei Li and Han Ding
    Title: Force tracking impedance control with unknown environment via an iterative learning algorithm.