Neuro-robotics Systems (NRS)

Neuro-robotics Systems (NRS), a combined study of neuroscience, robotics, and artificial intelligence, is interested in working on models and hardware that promote the fusion of neuroscience and robotics.

  • NRS is current state-of-the-art research as branch of neuroscience within robotics
  • NRS is a design approach mainly aimed at the fusion of neuroscience and robotics to develop advanced human centered robotic SW/HW.

NRS TC is supporting all kinds of technical activities organized by TC members. Organizers of these activities (tutorials, workshops, etc) are encouraged to join the TC by filling the membership form and contact the TC co-chair to request support letter, please fill in the online documents so we are able to evaluate your application.


The mission of the neuro-robotics TC is to provide an entity within the IEEE for neuro-robotics researchers, engineers and practitioners interested to promote neuro-robotics as a research domain.

  • Biomimetic context awareness, expectation and intention understanding in neuro-robotics systems
  • Multimodal sensor fusion and communication, feedback and actuation in neuro-robotics systems
  • Knowledge representation, information acquisition, and decision making in neuro-robotics systems
  • Systematic approach of brain-inspired modelling, learning of sensory and motor systems
  • Locomotion and manipulation in biological and robot systems
  • Artificial intelligence for bio-mechatronics/robot systems
  • Affective and cognitive sciences for bio-mechatronics, augmented cognitive robot systems, computational intelligence, neuro-mechanical systems
  • Brain-inspired control of rehabilitation robot system, medical healthcare robot system, prosthetic device system, assistive robot system, wearable robot system for personal cooperative assistance.
  • Various intelligent learning and skill transfer system for multiple neuro-robotic systems